Alpha Sleep Labs

A Team You Can Trust


We are committed to helping you get the rest you need to fuel a healthy and happy lifestyle. Our friendly staff of skilled physicians and technicians will treat you with kindness and compassion every step of the way. Our staff includes three Board Certified Sleep Physicians and 11 certified sleep technicians who, collectively, have completed two in-depth Pediatric research studies. This talented team will not only work together to provide accurate and timely results but will also keep you educated on the latest research and treatment options.


The team at Alpha Sleep Labs provides referring physicians with efficient, conscientious service, which is one of our guiding principles. Once your sleep study is finished, we will review your test results and provide a written report to your doctor promptly.


Alpha Sleep Labs is actively involved in leading-edge research that will improve sleep medicine — and patient care — for years to come. We’ve been the sleep centers of choice for studies undertaken by physicians and a major university. To date, we’ve conducted research on several pediatric sleep aids and home sleep-testing devices, to name a few.